Vorträge von der 1. Konferenz des Interessenverbandes Netzimpedanz vom 07.04.2022

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LIS – Line Impedance Stabilizers

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Measurement-based black-box harmonic stability analysis of commercially available single-phase photovoltaic inverter in public low voltage networks

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Unbalance in low voltage grids

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Effects of Solar Storms on the Power Grid


Vorträge von der 3. Konferenz des Interessenverbandes Netzimpedanz vom 02.11.2021

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Measurement and Analysis of Disturbances induced by Electric Vehicles - A Case Study

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Z-NET - Pre-normalisation of Grid Impedance Measurement in the Power Line communication frequency band

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Impact of modern power electronic household equipment on harmonic resonance in residential LV networks

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Resonance Analysis in Electrical Power Transmission Grids


Vorträge von der 2. Konferenz des Interessenverbandes Netzimpedanz vom 25.03.2021

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Measurement of Harmonic Power Flows

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Effects of EMC filters for power converters on Power Line Communication

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Characterization of the electrical grid as a propagation medium for PLC

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Netzinstabilitäten hervorgerufen durch Wechselrichter

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Protection in Smart Grids with Ultra-Fast Solid-State Circuit Breakers